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New MailChannels Reseller Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Resellers with more than five sub-accounts will need to purchase the Select Plan, or a plan that offers more capacity than the Select Plan, and commit to this plan for at least 12 months. The Select Plan price is $1,124.99 per month and includes 5 million messages of monthly email volume. Additional messages cost $0.27 per thousand messages.

  2. All resellers will have to adhere to the MailChannels Brand Guidelines when using the MailChannels logo to promote MailChannels Cloud to end customers. MailChannels will determine adherence to these guidelines and may require changes by the reseller for non-compliance.

  3. Resellers must provide first-level support to their own end customers. This means that support tickets from your sub-accounts will not necessarily be processed by our support team, and in any case, such processing may be delayed as these tickets will be considered at a lower priority.

  4. Resellers must not disparage MailChannels in any publicly accessible communication.


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