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Configure your mail server

How It Works

  • Send your email through MailChannels Outbound Filtering by configuring a "smart host" in your mail server.
  • MailChannels delivers your email to your recipient, removes spam, and manages IP blocklisting on your behalf.
  • When we find a spammer in your system, we notify you at an email address you configure.

Sender Authentication

  • To improve our ability to deliver your email reliably, your system needs to tell our system which user, script, or system was responsible for each message.
  • A header is inserted in to each message. This X-Auth header often contains the authenticated sender address but can contain any unique identifier which you can use locate the responsible sending entity.

Configuration Instructions by Server

If your mail server is not on this list, chances are you will be able to find smart host setup instructions in your mail server's documentation. Important points to keep in mind:

  • Use TLS encryption (do not use "SSL" encryption)
  • The host name of the relay server is ""
  • The user name is the user name we assigned you
  • The password is the password we assigned you
  • The port is "25"

When completed with your server setup guide in the links above, don't forget to come back to this page and complete SPF Record Configuration before you begin relaying messages to avoid any service blocking by failed SPF checking done by receivers and our Outbound Filtering.

SPF Record Configuration:

SPF records must be updated to include as approved to deliver mail on behalf of your domain(s). Use the following guide to include in your existing TLD SPF record in DNS. If your clients also use your own SPF record include, you only need to add this once, to the TLD SPF record for your main domain. If each domain manages their own SPF entries, you can script this addition for Cpanel or ask that your customers follow the instructions at this link to configure their own SPF records.  It is important that this be completed before you begin sending messages through MailChannels to avoid any SPF related rejections at the receiving end. SPF Record Configuration with MailChannels Outbound Filtering.

Once you have updated your SPF record(s), move to the next and final step to configure some service monitors in your admin console. We notify you of potential compromise and abuse by sending email or automated webhook type notification alerts to help you keep your system healthy. By removing compromised accounts quickly, they are not allowed to continue making SMTP connections outbound and driving up your service invoice with overage charges.

Next Step: Set up SPF records

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