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Announcing MailChannels Cloud

Along with the launch of our new web site on October 1, I am pleased to announce the official launch of MailChannels Cloud. MailChannels Cloud is a full featured outbound email delivery solution that eliminated all headaches related to IP blacklisting and IP reputation.

For web hosting providers, email box providers, ISPs, and enterprises struggling with the challenges of IP blacklisting, MailChannels Cloud offers a five-minute solution. Just send us your mail, and we'll get it delivered for you. We take care of everything:

  • Recognizing compromised end-user accounts
  • Stopping spam
  • Managing IP reputation
  • Adhering to "best practices" for email delivery, such as including unsubscribe links

MailChannels Cloud starts at $49.99/month, which includes up to 40,000 messages. Additional messages are available for a low price, and you never have to pay for more than you send. To see all our plans and pricing, visit the pricing page.

MailChannels Cloud leverages the sender behavior analysis and ResponseAnalytics™ technology that MailChannels has built for its on-prem customers (companies like Globe Telecom, SendGrid, DedicatedNow, and SherWeb). And because we're hosting our own technology, we have all the expertise and resources needed to ensure your email gets delivered.

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