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Which IP addresses does MailChannels send out of?

MailChannels sends from a large number of IP addresses and the list of IP addresses from which we send changes from time to time. Fortunately, the list is always available in our SPF records and you can look up the list easily with online tools. We recommend using the SPF record lookup available at MXToolbox:

Another useful tool for listing SPF records is provided by Dmarcian:

Because we have so many IP addresses, they don't all fit in a single SPF record. If you visit the above URL, you will see the following table in the results (as of April 21, 2016):

TypeDomain NameTTLRecord
+ include Pass
+ include Pass
+ include Pass

You will need to search also for the SPF records "" and "". As of April 21, 2016, the following is the complete list of netblocks from which we send email:
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