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MailChannels Outbound Filtering provides a simple web console enabling you to control your access to the service, view logs, and perform administrative tasks. When you log in to the web console, you are presented with the following display:



Dashboard shows what our system is doing with your email: How much you're sending to us and how much has actually been delivered to recipients. Here's what it all means:

Imagine your email flows in to our system from the left side. The left-most column indicates the number of SMTP connections your account has made with the service — in other words, attempts to deliver mail in to the system. The middle column shows how many messages were actually accepted in to the system after spam filtering and other checks. Finally, the third column shows how many messages were received by the Internet and delivered successfully.



Why is so little of my mail being delivered?

If you run a web hosting business, it's common for our service to deliver less than 15% of the mail you send to us. Most of the rejected mail is spam. A good fraction of it is messages that were addressed to incorrect recipients, to mailboxes that were full, and other common email delivery errors.

Why is so much mail sitting in the queue?

When you send us email, we attempt to deliver it immediately to the receiving system. The receiving system may defer our attempts to submit email, and this can result in your mail being queued for up to six hours within our service. It's not uncommon for us to have, at any time, up to three times as much email queued as was delivered in the past hour. It's important to note that a lot of email is queued because the receiving domain doesn't have an operational mail server. Spammers often use very old mailing lists with inactive addresses and domains, and mail to those recipients can end up being queued for the full six hours while our service diligently attempts to deliver it.

Why does the box say "ERROR" instead of a number?

The deliverability dashboard queries a back end log indexing service that fetches statistics to show you how much mail was received, queued, and delivered. If our back end log indexing service doesn't respond quickly enough, it's possible you will see the word "ERROR" instead of an actual number. Rest assured we are adding capacity to the service to make this problem go away as quickly as we can. The appearance of the word "ERROR" does not mean that anything is wrong with your email or that it has gone missing.

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    Michael Robinson

    In my opinion, your deliverability dashboard is a cute overview but wholly inadequate for my use. I'm not trying to be mean. I like your service (in concept) and it may be all that I dream it is. But, because it operates invisibly, I have no idea of what our mailing issues are or where to begin at fixing them.

    As a client, I need to be able to drill down to see what is in those queues and why they are there...

    I also need to deliver an exhaustive report to my clients, showing them exactly where each piece of mail went and why it went there.

    Only then can I begin to discuss with my clients how to fix their bad habits and improve their email deliverability.


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    Ken Simpson

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for your frank feedback! We are working hard on a rich reporting feature that will allow you to see where your email is coming from, broken down by IP address and sender identity. As for what happens to mail after it's queued, we are looking at enhancing the log search to provide better queue insight -- basically, tracking messages as they flow in to the queue, and as delivery attempts are made.

    We appreciate your patience while we work on these enhancements.

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    Ken Simpson

    Hi Michael,
    FYI the reporting feature was launched several weeks ago. You will now find a new tab at the left of the Dashboard screen which brings you to a set of interactive tables that show you your top senders (by volume, spam, and rejections).

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