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Unblocking senders

MailChannels automatically blocks senders who are sending spam. In cases of extreme abuse, a sender may be permanently blocked, requiring a manual override once the sender's account has been cleaned up.

If you have registered to receive account notifications, MailChannels will send you a notification each time we block one of your senders for spamming. In most cases, the notification message will provide a link that you can click to unblock the sender. The link looks like this:

Clicking on the delisting link takes you to the de-listing page:


To delist the sender, simply click on the “Delist Sender” button and you will receive a confirmation message, assuming the delisting request was successful.

Once delisted, the affected sender can immediately start delivering email through the service. Note that if we receive multiple delisting requests for a sender who subsequently resumes spamming, the delisting capability will be disabled in your account.

Automatically Unblock Senders

If you send more than 100,000 messages per day through MailChannels, you may wish to consider automatically processing our notifications and immediately taking action against your own users, scripts, and systems to reduce abuse. For example, if we notify you of an offensive webmail user, you can force a password change to cut off access to the spammer who has compromised their account. Once you've taken action against the sender in your system, your systems can use the unblocking link provided in our notification messages to reactivate the sender's access to send email. For more assistance with automatic notification processing and unblocking, please contact our support team.

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