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How to solve cPanel Exim "Unroutable Address" Error Message?

Usually this is caused due to Exim misconfiguration. 

Please review the following line and ensure that the configuration is correct.

In your config, you may have the following

route_list = * randomize byname

There is no gap between * & smtp

Please update the line to the following

route_list = * randomize byname

This change adds a space between the " * " and the first smarthost destination and is necessary to route all or * to the destination(s) you have defined.

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    Mohamed Noman

    actually, the problem is in your dashboard copy/paste shows no gap while its required .. I think you need to update your dashboard for that.

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    Omer Segoly


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    Sridhar Kakkillaya

    Thanks for pointing this out. The fix has now been rolled out.

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