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Can I use MailChannels Cloud with my printer?

Yes. MailChannels Cloud provides a generic SMTP gateway that can be used by any device capable of sending using the SMTP protocol, which includes many network-enabled printers.

HP Printer Configuration

These generic HP printer configuration steps work with an HP Office Jet Pro 8600 N911g. Other printer models may have a different SMTP configuration process. Consult your printer documentation for more information.

  1. Click the network setting on the printer and locate its IP Address.
  2. Type that IP from the browser on your PC to access its EWS page.
  3. Click the Scan tab.
  4. Under Scan to E-mail click Outgoing Email Profiles.
  5. Click New.
  6. Type your email address and any selected Display name, then click Next.
  7. Note: be sure to take a note of the specific Display Name.
  8. Fill the mail settings as following:
    Port: 2525
    SSL: Checked
    SMTP Authentication: Checked
    SMTP Username: your MailChannels Cloud account name
    SMTP Password: a password generated in the MailChannels Cloud console
  9. Click Next and dontinue following the steps till the Summary, then click Save and Test.
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