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What's New in MailChannels Outbound Filtering, November 2016

"Why was my message blocked?"

This question is probably the number one support inquiry we receive at MailChannels, and is essentially the only major problem our customers ever encounter. With MailChannels Outbound Filtering uptime pushing 100%, the only part that can fail is message classification: i.e. when our system blocks a message that it probably shouldn't have.

While we are always working on improvements to our user experience, we are pleased to announce some significant changes to the MailChannels Host Console and Insights features, which give you and your end users more information about why a message was blocked by the service.

MailChannels Console Improvements

When you use the log search function (available at, clicking on the small downward-facing chevron (i.e. arrow) underneath the flag icon at the right of each log line reveals additional information about the message delivery attempt described in the log line. From this expanded view, you can

  • Report an issue - use this link to let us know if we've blocked this message in error;
  • Send Insights Invitation - use this link to invite the sender of the message to use MailChannels Insights so that they can learn more about their email traffic; and,
  • Find related messages by clicking on the fields at the right, including the Sender-Id, From address, To addresses, Subject or Host.



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