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Monitors and Alerts

The MailChannels Host Console will suggest a few alert notifications that will help inform you as to when our system detects potential compromise or malicious behavior. If you wish to add/remove alert notification monitors after your initial login or perhaps later if you have accidentally bypassed this selection screen and would like to know how to configure monitors in your admin console, this article is intended for you.

When you initially login to your admin console for the first time you will be presented with a few suggested monitor types to get you started. If you are satisfied that these suggestions are enough, click to "Create Monitors" and the suggested monitors will be created using your email credentials as their target destination.

Once you have left this screen, you will not be able to return to the "suggested" notifications area and will need to use your admin console login to manage monitors moving forward. The monitors area of your admin console can be accessed under the Activity > Monitors menu and contains many different monitor types that may be selected and configured. 

  1. Click on the "Add Monitor" button to the top right of this section to open the monitor creation dialog.

  2. Select the monitor you wish to create from the list of monitors in the drop down menu box.

    *Note: If you wish to duplicate the pre-configured or suggested monitors that were presented through the module, you should configure all 5 monitors from the earlier "Setup Notifications" screen shot.

  3. After selecting the individual monitor, determine how often you wish to receive the alerts and select the proper timing from the dropdown menu box.

  4. The final field is your desired alert destination email address. You can send alerts to multiple addresses in this field using comma separation. Enter the email address where you wish the alerts to be sent.

    *Note: You can alter the type of notification in this field from "Email" to "Webhook" and supply an HTTP end-point destination here for automated alerts. There is a sample webhook in our guide on the Help Center portal here: MailChannels Help Center - Webhooks

  5. After you have created the monitors that you need, click on the "Enable All" button at the top of the page to enable all monitors you have created. This can be done individually by checking the "Enabled" box as you create new monitor alerts.
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