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Configure DNS MX/SRV records

In order for your email to be filtered by MailChannels, you need to configure your DNS MX records to point to the MailChannels Cloud MX endpoints and create additional DNS SRV records to let us know where your email inbox servers are hosted.

Complete the following steps to configure your DNS MX/SRV records:

  1. Go to the Settings page.

  2. Click on Configure DNS MX/SRV records panel to expand the panel if it isn't already.


  3. Create the DNS SRV records as shown in the first example snippet in the settings panel. The example snippet should contain one SRV record for each existing MX record in your DNS.

    Note: It is important that you create the SRV records first so that they are resolvable by the time you create the MX records in the following step.

  4. Change your DNS MX records as shown in the second snippet in the settings panel.
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